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Description : Drone complet incluant:

1 858 DI Humminbird sonde 800 KHZ
1 GPS ASGR50P Humminbird
1 Radio 10 canaux 2.4GHZ pour un contrôle total du sondeur à distance.
1 moniteur portatif + antennes + lipo alimentation + testeur accu

Pack ready to use:

Vdrone bait boat
echosounder HUMMINBIRD 858 DI GPS fully remoted...
portable monitor + antenna + lipo

Enjoy the Down Imaging view for trees, weeds, hard bottom detection! and mark your spot with the cross directly on the screen...
Just touch the right stick, picture is frozen to let you marking the best spots on the bottom... the GPS calculates for you the position to go with your boat full of baits! just follow the green line on the screen, play with the zoom for accuracy, and drop the baits... no more lights on the boat by night!!!

Echo sounders sold on this website are fully remoted,this means that you can change all functions, mark waypoints on the bottom, adjust sensitivity and more... exactly like if the sonar was in a big boat...Instead pressing the buttons on sonar keyboard, you control it with the remote control.

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